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Brookings Swiftel Indoor Challenge


Kaleb Johnson

Brookings Swiftel Indoor Challenge

This past weekend Kaleb raced in the 2nd annual Swif-tel Thunder Coke Syrup races in Brookings, SD. There were 2 separate shows on both Friday and Saturday. On Friday Kaleb raced against some of the best indoor Ju-nior 2 racers in the Mid-west. He started the 12 lap Junior 2 Light feature in the sixth position and ended up 4th at the checkered. Kaleb started third in the Junior 2 Heavy feature after finishing second in both heat races. After running third for the first 4 laps, Kaleb started to slow down and ended up in the 6th spot. The right side tires ended up getting too soft and it locked the kart down too much. We applied that valuable lesson for the next day. On Saturday they ran all the heat races in the afternoon and then at 7:00 pm they came back and ran the features in front of a nice crowd. Kaleb had 3 third’s and a second place in the four heat races. In the Junior 2 Light feature Kaleb started in the 5th spot and avoided a big crash that took out 2 karts on the first lap. After a ten minute delay to get the track cleaned up Kaleb was running third after one lap. On lap 7 he passed Nathan Skinner for second and ended up finish-ing second to Cory Talaska (who won all 4 features on the weekend). In the final feature of the weekend Kaleb started 4th and fell back to 8th after getting hung up on the outside. By the third lap he got back in the grove and passed Darrin Zomer for 6th and on the next lap he passed Dillon Sampson for 5th. Kaleb was setting up Cole Searing just as the checkered flag was waving and settled for 5th. For those who haven’t seen Coke Syrup racing before, it is high speed intense racing on a 1/10th mile track about the size of a hockey rink. Kaleb turned his fastest lap of the weekend in the final feature at 5.94 seconds.

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